By metastable-materials, May 7 2015 02:32PM

Mat Bryant, one of the team's PhD students, has a photograph accepted into the Images of Research 2015 competition.

Mat had this to say about the picture: "In the Metastable Materials group at the University of Bath we develop new smart-materials with switchable properties. This might be colour, shape, magnetic properties, or in the case of this image - luminescence.

The tubes in this image actually all contain the same substance but by simply changing the dilution we can shift the colour of light produced to any part of the rainbow and by getting it just right, we can even produce white light!

The way this works is by something called ‘excimer emission’, where molecules emit a different colour in pairs than they do on their own. By adjusting the dilution we can increase or reduce the likelihood of two molecules meeting and forming pairs, and so tune the colour of the light."

This year's images will be featured at a preview event in The Edge at the University of Bath on Wednesday 13th May where awards for best image, description and overall entry will be presented. Best of luck to Mat!