Industrial collaboration provides access to new forms of metastable compounds

By metastable-materials, Jun 26 2017 08:37AM

In a joint project with Vapourtec UK, the Wilson group in the metastable materials team have developed new flow routes to anti-solvent crystallisation of the spin-crossover active compound, iron 2,6-bipyrazol-1ylpyridine ([Fe(1-BPP)2][BF4]). In batch crystallisation, the forced precipitation of [Fe(1-BPP)2][BF4] in acetonitrile by diethyl ether results in flat, block-like crystals of widely varying sizes. By using the progressive mixing reactor developed by the team at Vapourtec UK, precipitation of microcrystals of [Fe(1-BPP)2][BF4] with a small aspect ratio has been achieved. The flow crystallisation of this high-value product has enabled, not only control over the particle size and shape, but also facilitates manufacturing scale-up for commercial applications.

For more details on the progressive mixing reactor please click here

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